Monday, February 14, 2011

Alcohol Studies Database

Alcohol Studies Database

Since 1987, staff members at the Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies have been collecting citations of documents related to alcohol. Today, they have over 80,000 citations and much of the material is related to research and professional materials that deal with the subject. Additionally, the database contains a small collection of educational and prevention materials designed for use by educators, parents, and public health workers. The site is maintained by the Scholarly Communication Center, the Center of Alcohol Studies, and the Rutgers University Libraries. Visitors to the site can search by subject, or perform a more advanced search as well. The site also includes a "Help" area, which includes information on limiting searches, links to full text, and suggestions on using Boolean techniques.

The Alcohol Studies Database contains citations of over 80,000 documents indexed by the Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies since 1987. The primary focus of the database is on research and professional materials dealing with beverage alcohol, its use and related consequences. While a growing amount of literature on other drug use/abuse has been added in recent years, this material represents only a small percentage of the database and is not indexed to the same depth as the alcohol literature. In addition to the research and professional material, the database also includes a small collection of educational and prevention materials, including audiovisuals, suitable for students and educators K-12, parents, community workers, and the general public.

The records of the Alcohol Studies Database provide bibliographic citations only.

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