Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Department of Energy DOE Data Explorer

Department of Energy DOE Data Explorer [http://www.osti.gov/dataexplorer/] -
Use the DOE Data Explorer (DDE) to find scientific research data - such as computer simulations, numeric data files, figures and plots, interactive maps, multimedia, and scientific images - generated in the course of DOE-sponsored research in various science disciplines. The DOE Data Explorer includes a database of citations prepared by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information(OSTI) based on the information found at data-hosting websites. It is intended to be particularly useful to students, the public, and to researchers who are new to a field or looking for experimental or observational data outside their normal field of expertise.

You may browse or search the database, then link to a data collection where it resides. You will often find specialized search interfaces and software toolkits developed by the data owners. These allow you to search deeper into the data files and help you understand, analyze, and use the data within the context of your own research interests

The publicly available data collections support DOE research results that are well documented in journal articles, conference literature, and technical reports. Key DOE databases of information are searchable through the Science Accelerator. The DOE Data Explorer will include enhanced search capabilities across specialized websites as it continues to grow.

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