Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bureau of Transportation Statistics TRANSTAT

Bureau of Transportation Statistics TRANSTAT databases - TranStats is a new website for transportation researchers and analysts, aimed at providing “one stop shopping” for transportation data.

TranStats offers analysts several unique features: A searchable index of over 100 transportation-related data bases across every mode of transportation — with many social and demographic data sets that are commonly used in transportation analysis. Interactive analytical tools—the ability to do simple statistical summaries, create time series or cross tabulations, generate graphics online, and cut/paste results into reports. Interactive mapping to help visualize geographic data.

Users can explore the data by transportation mode or by subject area, use keyword searches to find relevant datasets, and get online help. And since all the data in TranStats are indexed with a transportation thesaurus, links to other transportation research are easy through the National Transportation Library.

For a complete summary and description of this database set, click here

Data can be searched by mode, including aviation, maritime, highway, transit, rail, pipeline, and bike/pedestrian. In addition, data can be searched by subject, including safety, freight transport, passenger travel, infastructure, social/demographic, energy, environment, and national security.

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