Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Jersey Hazardous Waste Company Search Screen

New Jersey Hazardous Waste Company Search Screen []

Using this search screen you can find one or more companies that generated, transported or treated/disposed/stored hazardous waste from the years 1996 through 2000 inclusive. These "active" companies either filled out a New Jersey hazardous waste manifest or were mentioned as a generator, transporter or TSDF on a New Jersey manifest since 1996. There are many companies from both inside and outside of New Jersey in this database.

There are approximately 23,000 companies in this database at this time. You may display up to 500 company records for a given query. For each company found, the following information is shown: Name and Epa Id number, Location Address, Mailing Address, Contact name and phone number and whether or not the company is a generator, transporter or TSDF.

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