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Home - [North American Jewish Data Bank]

Home - [North American Jewish Data Bank]
The North American Jewish Data Bank (NAJDB) was created in 1986 by the Council of Jewish Federations and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Part of their mission is to "provide empirical survey data sets about the North American Jewish community" and also to "encourage academicians, students, communal professionals and others to utilize Data Bank holdings." This is, in part, accomplished by their website, which features questionnaires, reports, and data files from the National Jewish Population Surveys of 1971, 1990, and 2000-2001. Visitors can look at these reports directly from the homepage, and they will also want to click on the "American Jewish Year Book" area. Here they will find articles on America's Jewish population from the American Jewish Year Book, dating back to 1949. Also, visitors can look at state information by using the "Community Archive by State" section. Finally, the site contains an FAQ area and contact information for staff members at the NAJDB.
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